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CULTIVATE is a trend forward brunch & coffee concept built on a foundation of fresh from scratch farm-to-table culinary principles, truly world class customer service, and an aesthetically positive EXPERIENCE for all customers.



Honestly, these are just things.  We simply have great recipes and decades of experience.  We are most interested in Cultivating positive and long-lasting relations with our patrons, our customers, our compadres; what we are trying to say is…YOU!  We are a diverse family unit of creative, hard-working, and exceptionally talented individuals who despise mediocrity and strive for greatness.  Let’s start CULTIVATING! 

Cultivate started out with the desire to blend great southern brunch fare with exceptional coffee.

We will be one of the first in Atlanta to truly offer the highest quality full restaurant experience and full coffeehouse experience. What truly separates Cultivate apart is our entire team.  Is the food unique and great…YES!  Are the coffee and drinks the best around…YES! 



The coffee menu is based on the principles of: simplicity, from scratch and farm fresh, quality ingredients, organic coffee, and uniquely daring drink selections with a blend of classic drink options.  We roast our coffee in house using a small batch custom roaster.  This allows us to control our quality to lengths not seen in an average coffee house.  All our beans are only the best from all over the world; organic and specialty grade beans.  Our house espresso is a custom proprietary blend that is a testament to our focus on quality and uniqueness. 

We have partnered with top espresso machine manufacturer in the world, San Remo, and feature their brand new “Café Racer” design.  All our coffees are sold by the pound in 1 lb. retail bags in the location and online.  We have an average of 6 different types of coffee beans from around the world at any given time.  Each type of coffee bean has its own unique trait.  Our experience in this field helped create a coffee process and program to maximize the flavor of our coffee that is second to none!  To accompany our coffee drinks, we offer a variety of fraps, smoothies, and specialty drinks.  30% or our coffee and food menus are set aside for Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Gluten Free.  We are always on the cutting edge of trends in food and beverage.  We offer a unique selection of sweet and savory pastry and snack options. 



The café menu for breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch is based on the principles of: simplicity, true Farm-to-Table dishes using as many local vendors as possible, utilizing grass fed and pastured meats, from scratch cooking, quality farm fresh ingredients, and uniquely well thought out menu choices using our southern flare. 

Our eggs are so fresh and local, we know the names of the chickens from which they came.  We have an abundance of Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, and Gluten Free selections to choose from.  Each week we have a minimum of 1-2 feature “Blue Plate” options created by our chef that are only available that week.  Lastly, we have a full bar and serve local micro brews, boutique wines, and small batch craft liquors.


Organic Food & Coffee in Atlanta


Need a space to host your next event? Impress your guests with the best coffee and food in Atlanta! Our Special Events Space is a welcoming space where your taste pallet will be exceeded and service is second to none.  


Are you organizing an office lunch or video/photo shoot in Atlanta? Let Cultivate keep everyone full, hydrated and happy. Our catering includes stylishly presented ready to serve food as well as a wide range of beverage and coffee options.